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19 Things to do to Become Your Best Self in the New Year

Everyone loves a fresh start and there's no fresher start than the first day of a new year. To make this year great, I thought about 19 things that I personally need to do to become my best self. Here they are...

1. Pray More.

Like seriously, prayer is the key to getting all of the other 18 things accomplished. I've committed 1 hour a day to God to start.

2. Plan Ahead.

I absolutely hate the anxiety that I feel when I don't prepare in advance. I've committed to waking up earlier and not putting things off until the next day.

3. Be Consistent.

So many times I have started things. I love the start, but my finishing is what needs work. I've committed to focusing on one thing at a time and seeing that thing through to the end.

4. Seek Help.

I've mastered the art of suffering alone until I snap. I have committed to seeking out help for when I am struggling. That means that I won't try to be super woman in my home either. "Oh, Honey, I need you!"

5. Network.

Since stepping into the entrepreneurship world, I've realized the importance of intentionally placing myself in circles that I can glean from. This is not an easy one for me because I am a social introvert. In new circles, I clam up. I've committed to going to more networking events and getting myself out there.

6. Walk in Purpose.

This is one of the most important on my list. I don't want to waste time doing things that are not in God's plan for me. This means I will be saying no to things and people. Sorry. Not sorry.

7. Set Quarterly Goals.

This is new for me. I usually set monthly goals and sometimes the progress that I wanted to see was just not there. Setting quarterly goals will give me to time to assess, reflect, re-assess and adjust.

8. Celebrate Victories.

This is so important! I didn't do enough of this in 2018. I won't celebrate lavishly but dinner at my favorite restaurant will be on deck.

9. Give Back.

This is so important too but I didn't do enough of this in 2018 either. I have committed to volunteering once every quarter in 2019. Wanna join me?

10. Find a Mentor/Be a Mentor.

How many of you have a mentor? I just recently asked someone to being my writing mentor. For so many years, I have sought out someone I could lean on. I've pretty much been an island. Find someone that can coach you, pour into you and be honest with you. Then, turn around and pay it forward to someone who needs your help.

11. Read More.

I love reading but I did not read enough in 2018. I finished 2 books. I'm ashamed to say that out loud. This year, I've committed to reading 6 books.

12. Get Educated.

I've committed to learning about my craft. I've already put workshops and webinars on my calendar. I can't help people with what I don't know. So, seek out opportunities to learn.

13. De-Clutter.

I don't know why I have always waited until the week before the New Year to de-clutter. I won't be doing that this year. Every quarter, I have committed to de-cluttering my house. I will detox my spirit and body with fasting and prayer every quarter.

14. Be Present.

In 2018, I started the process of being present when I am home. I would get so carried away with cleaning, folding, organizing and preparing for the next day that I was missing precious moments with my babies. Yes, they were close by but proximity and attention are not the same. I've committed to continuing this process and becoming a better mom.

15. Get off Social Media.

Ok, wait...I'm not shutting down my accounts but when my iPhone tells me that I am on my phone 6 hours and 59 minutes each day, there is a problem. I don't even remember spending all of that time on there. But, that's way too much time spent looking at pictures and liking statuses. I could have read way more books if I used my time wisely. So, I won't be opening my apps before 9 am.

16. Self Care/Be More Health Conscious

To me, self care isn't just about going to the spa. This is something that needs to be done daily. And since I have had some health scares, self-care is more about being healthy every day. I've been doing yoga at home for the past month. Surprisingly, I enjoy it. Spa sessions are on the calendar too. I'm also going low carb. Somebody pray and pass me the potatoes, please! Lol.

17. Family Time.

This year, I am being more intentional about setting up family time. I'm planning family game nights, brunches, family devotions and family chats. So excited!

18. Get Fancy.

I have not gotten dressed up in a while. I mean, "gala dress" kind of dressed up. I need a night on the town with my boyfriend. If you know of anything like this, let me know.

19. No Fear.

I've committed to doing something that scares me. Zip lining. Swimming in water where I can't touch the bottom. Eating octopus. Skiing. I haven't figured it out yet, but I have do something. Will you join me?

Whatever you intend to do this year to be your best self, make sure you don't do it alone. After all, you need a witness!

Happy New Year, Friends!

Be the Light and Spread Love.

Atiya Chase...Writes

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