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Black Girls Hike Too

A couple weeks ago, I went on a hike with a group called Black Girls Hike Too. The entire experience, from start to finish, was very intentional and super inspiring.

Black Girls Hike Too @ Falling Branch Falls, Pylesville, MD

Before the hike began, Stephanie Sanford, founder and creator of Black Girls Hike Too, rallied 40 or so women together to stretch and set intentions. Several women shared what

they were leaving behind during the hike. Some were leaving fear, stress, anxiety, perfection, procrastination in the woods. This moment was sealed with a communion shot of sea-moss for nutrients and energy.

As we started the hike, I thought how dope with was to witness so many Black women doing something culturally unstereotypical. Hiking is thought to be primarily a "White" activity just like running. But on that day, Black girls rocked this hike!

The scenery was beautiful. Cascading rock-sides, a bubbling stream (mind you, we crossed it to the other side), and a waterfall made this trail one to revisit.

Stephanie Sanford, Founder & Creator of Black Girls Hike Too and her mother

Stephanie's heart could be felt throughout the entire mile and a half excursion. She made sure every women felt comfortable. We cheered each other on, jumped to help when needed and shared laughs and stories. The sisterhood that day was infectious and just what I needed.

We ended the hike with snacks for replenishing strength but not before taking lots of selfies with the trail in the background. As I headed to my car, I thought about what I left behind on that trail. I left behind feelings of inadequacy and fear. It was the whole experience for me.

For more information about Black Girls Hike Too, follow Stephanie at www.instagram.com/blackgirlshiketoo.

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