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Fall Cleaning—Your Headspace, Heart-Space and Home-space

This post is sponsored by Daniel Tree & Lawn Service. All opinions stated here are my own.

Image: Me trying to be pleased with the fall season.


Growing up, the fall season was not one of my favorite times of the year. Many kids were thinking of harvest and pumpkins, costumes and candy, but I was too busy feeling sad that the sun was setting way too early for my liking. I’m not a fan of cold weather either. So, the idea of fall, now that I think about it, made me feel down in the dumps. And although I love the rain that the fall season brings, the fall brings more gloomy days than bright. I probably dealt with a bit of seasonal depression which went undiagnosed. This totally played a bit with my emotions. Now that I’m older, I tend to think differently about this time of year. When I think of fall now, I think of snuggling with my family around the fire pit and spending time with my girls at local wineries, picking apples and painting pumpkins at my favorite orchard with the kiddos, and wearing chic ponchos, fashionable fedoras and cute booties. I’m so not the “pumpkin spice” kind of woman but I will single handedly eat an entire sweet potato “Patti Pie!” I have grown to appreciate fall because my kids love to get dressed in adorable costumes and collect candy from our neighborhood’s friendly families on Halloween. Their giggles make me happy and bring joy to entire soul. Fall is really growing on me these days. I especially love that it’s the time of year that calls for decluttering and burning candles that smell so good that they feel like they are wrapping you in warm caramel and s’mores. 

This year has been very different. When the country shut down in March, I’m sure no one expected to be home so long. I know I didn’t. But I felt the strong urge to purge my entire home...strong emphasis on “felt.” Those feelings stayed around for months but I prioritized the needs of my family over the need to “throw the whole house away,” so to speak. My family needed me in a different way and what I needed had to wait. And I was totally fine with that because the truth is, I needed to rest and “just be.” Many of us have never navigated these strange waters called “2020” and some of us were just getting by. More recently, I have established a routine that works well for the family and it has created a sense of normalcy for my home and it finally feels good to have control in the midst of the chaos. I’ve found my new groove. And I think I like it. Since I spent so much time focusing on my husband and kids in the spring and summer, I don’t feel selfish for taking this fall to prioritize my own needs. 

WHAT I NEED Close to the end of summer, I knew that I wanted to protect my head-space. That was the first order of business. I’m not sure if you’re like me but protecting my thoughts and emotions are high on the list. I became intentional about praying and meditating and affirming my intentions for each day. Practicing these disciplines allowed me move throughout the days with fresh perspective and revealed what I needed to do to continue to protect my space. This made the mundane tasks seems more relevant and meaningful. I mean, washing dishes were no longer “washing dishes” but it became a cleansing experience. It felt like Marie Kondo was with me, encouraging me to find the joy that was fleeting earlier in the year. I was and still am energized by my consistent practice. 

Another part of this journey was to finally give into those strong urges that I ignored earlier in the year and declutter and spruce up living spaces that overwhelmed me inside and outside of the home. Did you know that the process of purging can physically lift the weight from your shoulders? It’s unbelievable how freeing this was and still is (because I’m not completely done with this portion of the process yet). In my master bedroom, I cleared the clothes that piled up in our seating area and rearranged the space to something that I’m proud of. I ordered a new sofa cover online to make the old couch look new, snagged some wire baskets for one dollar, rummaged through the garage for the final touches on the centerpiece and voila...posh and peaceful. I called in the “Front Line Response Team (my parents) and they took care of the kid’s rooms and our guest suite. Insert sigh of relief...literally.

Image: Master Seating Area Makeover

WHAT I STILL NEED My motivation throughout the turn of this season has been to protect my peace and to preserve my joy. I’ve found it extremely important to invest in my headspace and personal spaces but my last goal is to beautify my home’s outdoor space as well. Just as a person’s outward appearance is assessed and critiqued long before their personality shines through, your home’s curb appeal can set the mood to how you feel before you even step foot across the threshold. In my research, Daniel’s Lawn & Tree Service, provides just the kind of maintenance I am looking for to spruce up my outdoor space. They offer everything from landscaping to lighting and tree and snow removal for the upcoming winter months. I’m no expert when it comes to my yard but their reviews have won me over. Be sure to check all they offer in tree care in New Castle County!


With only a few more months left in this year, I want to encourage you to think about how you can prioritize the things that you need the most. Protecting your peace, your emotions, and your headspace is of the utmost importance. As you begin your fall cleaning, inside and out, give thanks for all that you have come through and celebrate EVERY LITTLE THING. This too is protecting your space at its best. 

Yours Truly, 


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