• Atiya Chase

The problem with self-care

Self-care...”the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.”

Self-care is everything right now. People are rushing out to do whatever helps them to relieve the stress/anxiety of the day, hour, week, month and year. Massage calendars are booked, yoga studios are over flowing, and bars have reached capacity all in the name of self-care. The only problem with this is that the relaxation from the massage fades and your peace is shattered. At some point, the drinks stop flowing and you are no longer numb to the cares of this life. And the cycle continues...you search for ways to refresh, defragment and learn new ways to juggle life just so that your balance looks good on social media. Inside, you are cracking.

Self-care is self-centered and rooted in pride. It’s a trick if the enemy to make you think that doing things for yourself will keep you stress-free and you will receive the peace that you are longing for. The relief is temporal. It is a quick fix. And for the Believer, your sure foundation is found in the word of God.

”...casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.“ 1 Peter 5:6

Stress needs to be casted off. Life is too much to handle without help. God’s design was never for you to to fix anything. He wants to give you a hope and rest that is everlasting. He wants to exchange his perfect peace for your problems. There is not enough water in a tub filled with bath bombs and aromathery candles that can soak away your troubles. There is not a manicurist or pedicurest in the world that can paint the pain away. Brunch with friends is fun but it is not the cure. The remedy for your cares is Christ.

Please, do not get me wrong...don‘t cancel your gym membership. God has given you all of these ”stress-relieving” activities for your enjoyment and enhancement. What he’s after is your heart. He wants you to lean onto him and not your own understanding of how to handle life.

Ask yourself if your self-care routine includes casting your cares at the feet of a loving Savior. Then and only then, will the care that you provide for yourself can fully impact change in your life and give you the peace, rest and relaxation you need to run this race.

Be the Light and Spread Love,

Atiya Chase...Writes

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